The Searby Family

We recently had a request concerning the Searby family legend. In the 1922, Australians Mack and Dorothy Searby travelled across the United States, from Seattle to Davenport, Iowa, to visit B.J. Palmer at the Palmer School of Chiropractic with a two wheel cart carrying their children and belongings. They sold postcards and poems to newspapers and local people to fund their trip. One of the poems is as follows:

We’re on our way to see B.J. ,

B.J. of Davenport!

His hair is long and his whiskers short—

If you haven’t seen B.J. you ought.

B.J.! B.J! of Davenport

For this the world may thank B.J.:

He paved the Chiropractic way.

While the old style humbugs sneer and snort

We’ll yell, “B.J. of Davenport!”

It was a 2500 mile “push and pull” journey and they arrived in 221 days, travelling through all different types of terrain. They met B.J. Palmer and registered as students and graduated in 1924. It is a wonderful story of determination and love of the chiropractic profession!

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