Digitize This! – Palmer Yearbooks, 1946, 1949, and 1953

We now have the following yearbooks available to view and keyword search online as a Flipbook format:

Palmer Yearbook, 1946

Palmer Yearbook, February 1949

Palmer Yearbook, 1953

Here are some fun highlights from each newly available yearbook:



Snapshots, the Art Club of the P.S.C., and a poem by Grant Thompson called “The Halls of P.S.C.”








Around the campus photos of student life in 1959, including the “Keep Smiling” sign. This class was known as the “Forty-Niners” and they had a Carnival to celebrate!





The 1953 yearbook has fun illustrations such as the one of the D.D. Palmer Memorial bust.




















B.J. is pictured with his students in the student snapshots section.









The 1953 class thought about the future that was 1973 and predicted what they would all be doing 20 years after graduation!



What fun!


The yearbooks are by far our most popular resource since most of our questions are genealogical in nature. We get lots of requests from both the chiropractic community and the public asking about family members who have attended Palmer.  The yearbooks we have range from 1921 until 1988.

These resources are also useful in painting a picture of what Palmer was like during their respective eras with pictures of buildings, students and faculty members. Some also contain advertisements for adjusting tables and new chiropractic offices. Stay tuned as we add more to our digital collections.

Contact us if you have any questions at library.archives@palmer.edu


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