Happy Anniversary, B.J. and Mabel Palmer!

Join us in wishing B.J. and Mabel Palmer a Happy Wedding Anniversary!

B.J. and Mabel were married April 30, 1904 at Mabel’s parents’ home (Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Heath) which was then at Brady and Fourteenth streets. Rev. Rutter (Spencer Memorial M.E. Church, Rock Island) officiated.

Wednesday, April 30th, 1924 was the twentieth wedding anniversary of B.J. and Mabel. They were surprised with a presentation of “a very handsome solid silver service of many pieces” and the “presentation was made during the evening when faculty members, with their wives, –numbering sixty or more people—appeared at the Palmer home on Brady Street with a shower of good wishes and the customary greetings of a wedding day.”

This article is from The Chiropractor and Clinical Journal, June, 1924, p. 40. The entire issue can be viewed as part of our digital collections.


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Here are some pictures of the happy couple:

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