Library Week 2020

Happy Library Week 2020!

In honor of the 125th anniversary of chiropractic this year we’re sharing photos of the Palmer College library over the years.


By 1905 the Palmer library already consisted of over 2,000 volumes available for students to use to assist with their studies. It was described as “one of the essentials upon which this school has won its world-wide reputation.”


From 1904-05 catalog

PSC Library 1910


























By 1957 the library had grown considerably and moved from the D.D. Palmer Memorial Building into the Admin Building and contained thousands of rare volumes.

ICA Review, Dec 1957

ICA Review, Dec 1957





















The early 1970s saw a more modern layout and expansion of the seating and study space in the library.

PSC Library 1974

PSC Library 1970























The current library building was completed in 1977, and renovations are currently underway on the new library space in the Learning Commons.


For more details on the history of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library see our post from last year.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this look back at the Palmer College Library!

The archives are currently closed to the public, but we’re still available; email with any questions about the library’s history!

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