Recently Researched: 1930s Palmer Graduate Brothers

Recently we were asked for any information on two Palmer graduates, Dr. G. Bertram and Dr. Howard Harper.

They were two brothers who practiced chiropractic in Massachusetts!

We found the following:

  • They both graduated from the Palmer School of Chiropractic together in June 1930.
  • Their class was called “The Palmeronians”
  • They were known as “Bert” and “Harp”
  • Bert was the class president
  • Harp was a member of Pi Chi Phi and the Palmer Baseball team
  • They were both involved in the Public Speaking Club!
  • They were from/returned to Athol, Massachusetts where they practiced!





What is even more interesting is these brothers are early chiropractic pioneers in their state as Chiropractic was not legalized in Massachusetts until 1966! Over 35 years later than when they graduated!










Did you know?

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Don’t forget you can contact us at to see if we have any information about your family members who attended Palmer!

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