B.J. Palmer – Perhaps the No. 1 Circus Fan in America!

Did you know that B.J. Palmer loved the circus?

He was a huge supporter of circuses and performers and loved elephants. He even purchased a circus band-wagon from the Barnum and Bailey Circus and had it restored, earning him an honorary membership in the Circus Historical Society.




(B.J. with the Two Hemispheres Band-Wagon)









B.J. provided chiropractic care to many circus performers over the years and even helped sponsor a circus performance in Davenport.

In 1958, Davenport hosted a small circus at the Village Shopping Center and featured a “B.J. Day” where B.J., the “No. 1 circus fan in America” invited children from St. Vincent’s Home and the Annie Wittenmeyer Home to visit the circus as his personal guests.






(The Daily Mail, May 27, 1958)












Stop by the archives anytime to learn more about B.J. Palmer and his involvement with circuses!

We are in the first floor of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library, room L103.

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