Save Your Photos Month

September is National Save Your Photos Month!














Photos are irreplaceable and easily damaged, so it’s important to take care of them.

At the Palmer Archives we have a collection of historic photographs that we are dedicated to protecting and preserving.

Petite Pete is going to give you a behind the scenes look at that process!

Our photos are kept in polypropylene sleeves to keep them from being damaged.










(We wear cotton gloves when handling photos to protect them from oil found on skin, but Pete’s lack of skin means he doesn’t have to wear the gloves)




It’s also important to digitize photos so that if the physical copy is destroyed you don’t lose the image forever.
















Our photo digitization is an ongoing project, so Pete is helping out with scanning.


Once it has been scanned the photo is ready to be edited, saved, and backed up online. Some of our digital photos are also available on our website, like the photo Pete scanned.

Click here to see the finished product! 

Digitizing photos also allows you to print copies to make fun keepsakes like Pete’s D.D. Palmer button!


For more information about preserving your family photographs visit the National Archives website here or stop in and ask your friendly Palmer College Archives staff!

Come visit us to learn more about preservation or to look through some of our historic photos – first floor of the library, room L103.

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