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This week’s post is a fascinating introduction to Dr. Lyle Sherman written by Archives student worker, Johnny Finney!



Dr. Lyle Wheeler Sherman is a name that has gone down in history for being B.J. Palmer’s “Right-Hand Man.” Being a graduate of the 1934, “The Specific class,” the first graduating class that were adequately well versed in the Hole-In-One (HIO) technique. Dr. Sherman was the second in command (behind B.J.) in the B.J. Palmer Chiropractic Clinic (BJPCC) from 1942 until he left in 1955. Notable accomplishments Dr. Sherman aided in include development of the neurotempometer, the neurogalograph, the cervical x-ray chair, and playing a major role in the development of pattern analysis of vertebral subluxations which is still being effectively used today with thermography. Dr. Sherman granted Dr. Thomas A. Gelardi’s, D.C. request of naming the Chiropractic College he founded, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. Dr. Lyle Wheeler Sherman passed in Spartanburg, SC on August 2, 1977, at the age of seventy-two.

For more information on Dr. Sherman and his contributions to chiropractic history come visit the Special Collections and Archives on the first floor of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library, room L103!

[Most of the information in this post came from an article by John F. Hart D.C. “Remembering Dr. Lyle Wheeler Sherman” Chiropractic History v.16 no. 2, 1996]


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  1. Jonathan Johnson
    August 2, 2019 at 11:27 am

    Alway great to learn more and honor as principled great.

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