Digitization Update! – Chiropractic Educator

The Chiropractic Educator is a periodical that Palmer School of Chiropractic sent out to chiropractors in the field to help them advertise their practices. For a small fee they could have their business card printed on the issues sent to them which they could then hand out to their patients and potential new patients.

The Chiropractor Educator was intended to teach people unfamiliar with chiropractic about its benefits. It consisted mostly of testimonials sent in by chiropractors and patients from all over to share the ways that chiropractic was helping people.

We currently have 14 volumes available on to read in our digital collections and we’ll be adding more as we get them ready. There are 46 volumes total; the journal ran from 1917 to 1961, so keep an eye out for the rest of the volumes coming soon!



To see the originals come visit us on the first floor of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library, room L103!

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