New Display : B.J. and the National Parks

We have a new display up on the third floor of the library!

“TRAVELING is an art. To know WHAT to see; to know HOW to see; to be able to systematize what you see, that it may make a lasting memory, are things that people can develop and train themselves to accomplish.” – BJ Palmer, 1928

B.J. Palmer traveled extensively in the U.S.A. giving talks on chiropractic and exploring America. He had a special fondness for national parks. In 1928 he planned a tour through the West with W.O.C. radio station, stopping at national parks. Read the handout about that tour here.

B.J. also shared his love of national parks by featuring them in The Chiropractor. This display is made up of pamphlets from B.J.’s papers showing the parks and routes used in his W.O.C. tour.

We’ll be featuring items from this display over on our Instagram, so be sure to follow us there too!

To learn more come visit us on the first floor of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library, room L103!

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