Digitize This! – The Chiropractor (1914)

The newest addition to our digital collections is The Chiropractor  by D.D. Palmer!

Daniel David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, died in 1913 and this book was published a few months later by his widow, Mary Hudler Palmer.

D.D. wrote two books in his lifetime, this one, and The Science, Art, and Philosophy of Chiropractic (1910), also called The Chiropractor’s Adjuster, which is also available in our digital collections!















We’re always working to expand our digital collections, so check them out here to see what’s been added.

As always, a huge thanks to our dedicated student workers; we couldn’t do this without them!


If you would like to see the original book you can come visit the Archives and Special Collections on the first floor of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library, room L103.

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