Palmer Singing Groups

There have been a few different singing groups created in Palmer’s history from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. This blog post highlights some of those with some information and photos!

These Choral Club photos come from a 1941 (left) and a 1949 (below) Palmer yearbook. This group was formed when the 1940 Men’s and Women’s Glee Clubs came together just to have a good time and to sing together. At Christmastime, they would sing carols for their fellow classmates, faculty/staff, and even the patients from the B.J. Palmer Chiropractic Clinic.



The Choral Group must have fizzled out though, because in the mid 1950’s a new group was formed to sing Christmas carols again, and that it became known as the Choraliers. They were even invited to sing at a Palmer graduation, and they had regular meetings every Tuesday evening at 7pm in the Classroom building! You can see a photo of them practicing below from a 1959 yearbook as well as a book of music from the massive collection of sheet music from the Archives that they used, which was recently discovered in a closet on the Davenport campus! 











To the right you can see the Choraliers were still going strong in 1961 with this group photo in the 1961 yearbook. However, in the 1962 yearbook, the only singing group pictured is the more formally titled, all male Palmer College Chorus. However, in the early to mid 1970’s the main singing group was called the Singing Chiropractors, seen below.

The Singing Chiropractors was also a group of all male students and their main purpose was to “spread the voice of Chiropractic through song”. They were even on local TV and traveled to a few different states as well.

Finally, in 1975, the Palmer Chorus is back, and with a new addition. The Palmer ladies give the chorus a “new spark”. Although women had been part of some of the other singing groups, they were never part of the Palmer Chorus until 1975.

Visit the Archives to learn more about the different clubs Palmer had and learn what student life was like on campus in other decades!

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