Happy Birthday, B.J.!

Today is B.J. Palmer’s birthday! He was born September 14, 1882 in What Cheer, Iowa. B.J. accomplished many things in his lifetime, and here are some highlights you may or may not have known about the Developer of Chiropractic!

-B.J. started the PSC Printery here on campus and it printed millions of pieces of literature promoting Chiropractic.

-B.J. wrote over 37 books and edited two of the earliest Chiropractic journals, The Chiropractor and The Fountainhead News.





-The X-Ray laboratories on campus were established by B.J. in 1910, and were the first to be used in Chiropractic.

-B.J. married Mabel in 1904 and they had one child, David D. Palmer, who was actually named Daniel David Palmer after his grandfather, but he chose to go by Dave.

-The U.C.A. (Universal Chiropractic Association) was created by a group of about 17, one of them being B.J., who served as their first secretary. You can view one of their directories in our Digital Collection by clicking the image below.



-B.J. established the WOC Radio station in 1922 on top of the Admin building on campus, and acquired his second station, WHO in Des Moines, in 1930.

-The B.J. Palmer Research Clinic was opened in 1935.

-B.J. earned his Palmer diploma in 1902.

Come to the library to read one of his many books in or out of The Green Book Corner to learn more about this fascinating man and about the history of Chiropractic! Happy Birthday, B.J.!


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