Palmer Flying Club

This Saturday is National Aviation Day! Did you know that Palmer once had a Flying Club? The Palmer Flying Club started in 1958 and was one of the most popular clubs and had an extensive waiting list from the start. The club was started to provide students who were interested in flying with an inexpensive opportunity to become a pilot! 1958 yearbook copy

Some of the organizations that helped make it possible for Palmer to have it’s own flying club were the Quad City Airman’s Association, the Moline Flying Club, and the Bettendorf Airport where they were based, about 5 miles from yearbook flying club copythe school and also where they housed their one Aeronca 7AC, which was a two-passenger plane. Donald Pharoah, the advising faculty member to the club, also had a large role in the conception of the club and was interested in obtaining his own pilot’s license!

flying club certificate copy






Come to archives to learn more about the club, Dr. Pharoah, or anything else you might have a question about!





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