Posture Queens


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Peggy Jackson was the winner of the 1960 Annual Posture Queen Contest. She was sponsored by the East Alabama Society.

Posture Queen contests started with the ‘Most Perfect Spine Contest’ in 1927, held by the ACA, and a few more contests were held throughout the 20’s and 30’s including ‘Perfect Spine’, ‘Perfect Back’, and ‘Miss Perfection’. Men initially had their own division early on, but they were no longer considered by 1931.

These contests were held as a sort of marketing tool for the Chiropractic profession, and in a time when beauty contests were being held for everything and anything, it worked like a charm! The contests spread the word about chiropractic, and it’s struggle for licensure.

Contestants would usually have full body, life sized x-rays to be judged, as well as a bathing suit contest, and they would wear evening gowns that showed off their perfect posture. These events would even be televised, and the winners shown in the movie theaters as part of the previews.


Alana Berry being interviewed by TV personality Phil Snow, a sports broadcaster at WSFA-TV, during the finals in April 1966.

Unfortunately, these contests stopped in the late 1960’s for no particular reason, but the archives are still here to celebrate these beauties, and their perfect posture!




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