William Harvey Lillard—The First ‘Patient’: 1856-1925

Harvey LillardLittle is known about the man whose hearing condition brought forth the first chiropractic adjustment.

Interesting facts about Harvey Lillard:

  • He was an entrepreneur — the owner of the janitorial business who was contracted to clean the Ryan Building where D. D. Palmer’s magnetic healing office was located.
  • According to his family, Lillard continued to receive chiropractic treatment after his hearing was restored.
  • Lillard’s descendants were often seen on Palmer’s campus during Homecoming events & Founder’s Day celebrations.

Harvey Lillard Testimony-page-001

Testimony of Harvey Lillard regarding the events surrounding the first chiropractic adjustment, printed in the January 1897 issue of the Chiropractor.

–Rosemary & Sonnet

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