D. D. Palmer—The Founder, The Discoverer: 1845-1913

DDPalmer01Did you know..?

Daniel David Palmer was born near Toronto, Ontario in 1845.

  • D.D. held many professions prior to his discovery of chiropractic: grocer, fruit farmer, school teacher, and beekeeper, among others.
  • At age 40, D.D. opened a magnetic healing practice in the Ryan Building located in downtown Davenport in 1885. For the record, B.J. would have been 4 years old at the time.
  • A statue was erected of D. D. Palmer to honor him & the chiropractic profession in Port Perry, Ontario.

To learn more about D. D. Palmer, check out our online resource guide: http://library.palmer.edu/foundersday

–Sonnet & Rosemary


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