Labour Day

So summer has come and gone, and I have to say looking back it didn’t feel much like summer. This was my first summer having to sit through classes on sunny days, living vicariously through my friends who are now graduated or get a full four-month summer because they are still in school. It honestly flew by. As soon as I felt like I was getting back in the groove and ready to start putting my full attention back on school, I realized here we are at September 1st with only one month left to go!

It was nice to have this Monday off, I’m sure most people took advantage of the long weekend by heading home to see family and friends if they lived close enough or having some local adventure. But August was a crazy month for me (with two weddings on back-to-back weekends and an unexpected trip home for a death in the family). So I was very appreciative to just have an extra day to look at the month I have ahead of me, and see where I need to focus my attention for school and make a plan to tackle everything coming up.

This was also my first summer in the Midwest, and I have to say I am a little excited for fall. This humidity was something I was really not used to, and, as I mentioned before, I was traveling home a lot for weddings and such in August. And every time I came back to the Quad Cities, as soon as I would step off the plane, I was always shocked by how humid and hot it really gets here. I did enjoy some of the warm weather, but being in school during the summer just doesn’t let you take full advantage of all the spare time summer usually offers for hanging out around a lake or a pool and having barbeques and bonfires with your friends.

It wasn’t all that bad though, and, like I said, it really flew by. That is something I am thankful for because that means I am just that much closer to becoming a doctor!

Cheers Eh!


Countdown is on

Ah, summer ...

Ah, summer …

I am not sure how everyone else is feeling, but I am especially ready for the break! As it is creeping closer, all that stands between me and relaxing on my boat out on the water and getting a suntan is … about 8 final exams.

It’s crunch time now, and although we have a 2-week lull before the monstrosity that is finals week, each day before then will count to stay on top of the material so there will be less cramming in the end.

The only difficult part of this is that the weather is starting to get really nice, so it’s hard to want to be indoors when it’s so nice outside. It feels like the sun is calling to me through the windows of the school. My social media tells me everyone else is graduating and moving into summer/vacation mode. This will be my first time being in school during the summer, so it will be interesting to see how the weather effects my mental state.

My only salvation is the new layout chair I bought for my back deck so I can soak up the sun while I read my notes after school and get a little bit of both worlds.

Good luck studying to all you current students!