Practical Over!

(from Friday) First Spinal 2 lab practical is over! I am feeling pretty good about it. I definitely made some silly mistakes, but overall I’m expecting a good grade. Even though this practical is over and it is one thing to check of my list, I still have a really busy weekend ahead so there won’t be much time to relax and decompress from all the studying for the practical.

This weekend is the David D. Palmer Trust Foundation Seminar for Rugby. A lot of alumni who played rugby here at Palmer are going to be attending, so it will be exciting to get to meet and chat with some people who were once standing in my shoes and see where their achievements have taken them.

Another week is in the books for second trimester, and so far I am surviving. Next week is a short week, so I am definitely looking forward to the long weekend. But I have three exams to tackle first. Biochem, Philosophy and Spinal 2 exam 2.

Wish me luck for another crazy week ahead!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Spinal Lab Practical #1

All last week our class was completing their lab practical for Spinal 2. This class is a little bit notorious around the school for being a major contributor for the difficulty level of 2nd trimester. So it is safe to say all my classmates and I are cramming and carrying around our bag of bones so we can mark color them in and practice identifying parts of all the bones.

I heard that they were removing the spinal 1 class that I had in first trimester, which I think is unfortunate for the new trimesters coming in. I definitely feel like spinal 1 is the reason I am not stressing out as much about this practical.

The exam is 2 hours long, the first hour is in the lab with the cadaver identifying muscles and structures, and the second hour is upstairs in a classroom identifying features on bones of the vertebral column and ribs. We are responsible for knowing all the actions and innervations that go along with the muscles we might be asked to identify so it is a lot of information to put in your head.

I’m really glad that we have access to some of the bones with markings on them like they will be on the exam, it has helped immensely to be able to go in and practice on those. Also, the P.A.S.S session for this class has been super helpful. Especially the bone review, just because the way he asks questions and they way he expects us to write our answers is very unique. And if you didn’t know at all, you could easily fail this exam even though you identify the right feature.

So thank you to Afua and the P.A.S.S program for helping me out with this exam! One more night to put it all in there, and then it’s go time!

Wish me luck!