Get to the gym!

19184225.thbEven though we just had a break, it only takes one day back into actual learning to make it feel like you never left! Today was back to routine, which for me means up early for a morning run before a long day of sitting on my Ischial Tubes.

At first I thought I would hate getting up in the morning, and I would get so worn down, but now that I have started doing it I feel like it really helps me get through the day. On the days I don’t run, usually by about the fourth or fifth class in a row of that day, I’m feeling antsy and basically vibrating in my seat. This is usually the class right before lunch, so it comes at a good time but just not soon enough!

I truly think a little exercise will help keep you sane here. With all of the sitting and studying we do, it is so good to have a mental break, lift some of that stress off and feel accomplished! Palmer has a great gym with everything you would need. I was impressed actually by the different areas they provide.

There is an area for all the Crossfit fanatics with rowers and kettle bells and a jungle gym, and then there is a class area with all of the video classes you could imagine provided to play on the big screen, and then there is a weight room and a cardio area, and in between it all there are two basketball courts where people are always setting up some kind of game, whether it is volleyball, pickle, soccer or basketball.

So for those current students that haven’t made it down, give it a try if your feeling bogged down and for those of you coming in, I highly recommend planning on getting involved there and finding something fun to add in to all this structure and work. And for everyone else I hope you can find a good physical activity to help reduce stress in your daily life!

Get to the gym everyone  🙂