Snowpocalypse 2015

Check out the crazy snow!

Check out the crazy snow!

Well, winter finally decided to show up in Davenport at the beginning of February! We got about two feet of snow overnight, which earned us a snow day! The trimester is winding down, and I think most people were happy to have a day to take it easy especially with finals looming and an even bigger storm (Boards) growing in the background.

Most of my snow day was spent shoveling and getting chores done that I don’t typically have time to do during the week because we are in school most of the working hours of the day.

My dog, Sota, really appreciates the snow. He enjoys it so much, it’s hard for me not to enjoy it. When we go out for walks and he is just smiling away jumping through the huge piles of snow, digging under them and running around beside himself with happiness, it’s hard not to smile and roll around in the snow with him. He definitely helps lift the stress a little and let me wind down from long days at school.

If it weren’t for all of the shoveling (which I substituted for my workout today), I would have to say that the snow does make the QC look pretty nice.

Stay warm out there everyone!



TGIF! (kinda)

My dog

My dog

(Well, it was Friday when I wrote this …)

Yay for the weekend! There is nothing like the feeling of finishing off the day on Friday and getting in your car to head home knowing you have a few days off to catch up with yourself and relax from a busy week!

My dog must love me on Fridays because his walks are always extra long since I finally feel like I have enough time to slow down and enjoy the day. During the week when we walk, I feel like I am usually just power walking for a half hour with other things on my mind. Although I do have to say as soon as I see how much fun he is having running around being a dog, doing dog things, it puts a smile on my face and makes to want to take an extra ten minutes for him to have some fun instead of having to be cooped up at home!

St. Patrick’s day is coming up (again, wrote this last Friday …), and I am sure there will be a lot of green beer and Irish dancing going on this weekend around downtown Davenport. And also today was PI DAY! (3.14) I know my roommates both indulged to celebrate today, one with a pizza pie and the other going out for a special pie dessert, yum! I feel like I am a picky pie person. I never really crave it or want to make it, but I am always impressed when I try a new pie. Apple and pumpkin are my favorites, but this past summer I tied a rhubarb pie thinking I wouldn’t like it and ended up loving it!

I hope you all have (had) a great weekend and enjoy something green, whether it’s a beverage or some ridiculous green dyed food. Even more, I hope you have (had) some pie today to celebrate Pi Day!