Club hour

Join the club!

Join the club!

On Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:20 a.m. at Palmer, we have a club hour. This is a time designated for students to attend a club of their choice.  There are probably around 40 clubs that students can attend depending on their interest. Clubs are not mandatory to attend, they are simply an opportunity to learn more about certain techniques and improve your skills as a chiropractor!

On Tuesdays, I have Student Council meetings where we meet with all the representatives from each class and the executive council at the school to discuss events, bring up issues or ideas for improvement at Palmer. And sometimes we have guest speakers that let us know about what is going on in their club and if they need funding, or certain departments come in to share things with us they would like to pass on to the student body.

On Friday’s, I attend Motion Palpation Club. In this club, we get the opportunity to do some hands-on work, feeling for certain landmarks (regarding the spine) and practicing feeling those landmarks throughout a motion. This club has really helped me get some confidence in actually feeling for something and knowing what I am feeling. At first you have no idea what you are doing and you don’t really feel anything, and then as you learn how to touch the landmark properly and put it through the correct type of motion, you start to feel it and how it approximates or moves in regards to the things around it.

What clubs do you attend? And if you haven’t tried out any yet, give them a try! I personally think the more you expose yourself to, the more you will learn and figure out what you like or don’t like and see what works for you! Why not give them all a try while they are free and fun!



Saturday was Rugby Day!

Kailey-rugby(written Saturday) Big weekend this weekend! We had a great game as a team. We worked together and supported each other and did the little things right, which led us to a big win and a shut-out! It was nice to be able to show the alumni how far women’s rugby has come, especially since we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary this year! Some of the Alumni who started this team were there, and I am sure it was exciting for them to get to watch us play well and get a win!

After the game, we always have a social with the other team to thank them for traveling to play us. It’s always fun to share food and drinks with other girls/women who just love rugby. We celebrated the game and then watched some of the men’s game before we all ran home to shower and dress up for the banquet dinner that night.

At the banquet, we heard many stories of the alum and their time here at Palmer and we recognizing those who are giving back to the trust foundation and who allow us to have all the things we do. We are so fortunate to be able to go to school and play this sport. To have the equipment and the staff and the resources we need provided to us by the alumni is a very special thing, and so recognizing them at the banquet was awesome! I’m so glad I actually got to thank some of them personally and hear their stories and advice. They are definitely a crazy bunch and provided a lot of entertainment for the evening.

Thanks again to all the alumni out there for your support, advice and kind words. It really is appreciated!



Campus Guides application

When you visit a Palmer campus, you're sure to meet a Campus Guide

When you visit a Palmer campus, you’re sure to meet a Campus Guide

I decided to apply for Campus Guides, and today I gave a tour to two people who are already Guides so they could evaluate my personality and knowledge about Palmer.  It was a little bit awkward, talking to two people who you already kind of know and who are already Palmer students but acting as if they don’t know anything about Palmer.

They sent us a packet to read over before the tour so we would know what the route is and some things they wanted us to talk about. But for as many times as I read it over and walked through the tour in my head, it still came out differently than I wanted it to. For some reasons in a good way and for some reasons not so much. I made a few mistakes and I couldn’t answer all my questions, but overall it went pretty well.

The Guides were encouraging and said that I did great! Next week I have my interview, and then I will find out after that if I will be accepted for a position as a Guide! I have my fingers crossed for this position. I think it will be a great way to meet some new people and share my experiences at Palmer with others, just as the Guides did for me when I was visiting the school trying to figure out if this was the right place for me.

And I am sure glad I had the chance to meet with them, because I am loving it here and I can definitely say they made me feel welcome and confident in my choice even before I was enrolled.




womensrugby-3-14bI have had a few requests to write about rugby, since I’m on the women’s rugby team, so here goes nothing.

This is a hard topic to describe to those who have never heard of it or seen it played before. If I had to compare it to any sport, I guess I would pick football. The ball is similarly shaped but larger and has a more rounded point. There are two sets of players, forwards and backs, and then there’s tackling!  But the rules of the game and the way it is played are very different from football.

A “touchdown” in rugby is called a “Try,” and when you pass the ball it must always be passed backward (so the person you are passing to has to run onto it). But the aim of the game is to create space in order to get by the other team and place the ball down in the “Try-zone.”

There’s a lot more to explain, but I won’t confuse everyone with all the rules in between for now. Maybe I will progress this post and go into details about more rules in the future.  🙂

WomensRugby3-14I played rugby in high school, so getting back into it here at Palmer has been fun. I was definitely surprised there was a team when I got here. I can’t believe how much I forgot about the game and how fun it is to play! The women’s rugby team practices two times a week (on Tuesday and Thursday nights). It’s been a great way to meet some new girls who aren’t in my class and have some fun!

We have games coming up at the end of March, which I will keep you all in the loop on, and we always love and welcome any girls who want to play. You don’t even have to be a student at Palmer to play, so if you’re interested, come on out to practice!



Activities Fair – Getting involved

So today was the Activities Fair! This is an event at the school where clubs and student organizations offer more information on what they are all about so that other students can decide if they would like to check it out. There are always some kind of baked goods luring you in to each table as well as tons of fliers going around describing new events each club is holding.

I remember the first time I went to the Activities Fair, and I felt super overwhelmed and didn’t really understand how clubs and everything worked. It took me a few weeks to figure out there was an hour designated as “club hour” a few times a week, made just for the purpose of going to the club of your choice if you so choose.

So far, I have joined Student Council as the first trimester representative, the women’s rugby team and have been attending the Motion Palpation Club! I think it’s a great idea for students to get involved in any or all clubs for at least some time while they are at Palmer! I think it is awesome the school provides so many opportunities for students to learn as much as they can about a wide range of things. I also think it is important to try a little bit of everything and not just limit yourself to one thing or another. You never know what you will like unless you give them all a chance, and there are certainly many chances to take in all different views, so take them!

Getting involved has help me meet other students and make connections with people outside my class and who have a varying level of education and differing opinions to my own, which helps me think about things from a different perspective and learn and grow as a person!

Don’t hold back or be scared to try something new!