Headed home

It's true, there's no place like home.

It’s true, there’s no place like home.

So I unexpectedly headed home to Canada for the break. On these short breaks that are only about a week, I don’t usually try to get home because the idea of traveling and having to meet with everyone at home and flying seem too stressful. Usually all I want to do is just get outside and get fresh air with my pooch or lay on the couch and watch Netflix. But this break, since I hadn’t been home for a pretty long time, my parent’s both really wanted me to come home. So it was last minute, and we were booking flights and organizing to get me home.

I knew I would have to be disciplined and use a lot of the day to study and not get too caught up in meeting with friends and relaxing because I needed to review for Boards. But I was excited to see my family, and knew I’d get a chance to watch my brother play some hockey, do some wedding planning and pick up some new contacts. So I figured it would be a great break, but it would go by too fast.

Every time I go home I feel like I have to plan to get all my chores done, see the doctor and the dentist, go to the bank, pick up more contacts and visit with friends. But these things definitely needed to get done. They’re hard to do over the phone or when I am living out of the country.

I hope everyone had a great break and that some of you got some much needed family time like I did.



My Favorite Trimester

Snow angel

Snow angel

I have to say that the winter trimester is my favorite one. This is the trimester I started in, and I think it is the best one to start in because of the winter recess for Christmas.

Not only is everyone in such a good mood because of the holidays coming up, but having a break right in the middle of the trimester allows you to catch up if you were feeling behind and unprepared. Our program is pretty intense, so having the break will allow you to spend some time catching up or even getting organized and ahead for the exams and things coming up right after the break.

Then if you took some time over the break to catch up and prepare for that stuff, finals is only about a month away and you are a little more prepared for the because you took the time to study properly instead of cramming for everything.

This Christmas break I will be spending a lot of time going over things for National Boards. I have Boards in March, so this break comes at a great time for me to be able to go back and study older material without having to be in class and studying for new material at the same time.

Then again, I will be in Sweden visiting my fiancé for the holidays, so it’s probably going to be pretty hard to study!


Countdown is on

Ah, summer ...

Ah, summer …

I am not sure how everyone else is feeling, but I am especially ready for the break! As it is creeping closer, all that stands between me and relaxing on my boat out on the water and getting a suntan is … about 8 final exams.

It’s crunch time now, and although we have a 2-week lull before the monstrosity that is finals week, each day before then will count to stay on top of the material so there will be less cramming in the end.

The only difficult part of this is that the weather is starting to get really nice, so it’s hard to want to be indoors when it’s so nice outside. It feels like the sun is calling to me through the windows of the school. My social media tells me everyone else is graduating and moving into summer/vacation mode. This will be my first time being in school during the summer, so it will be interesting to see how the weather effects my mental state.

My only salvation is the new layout chair I bought for my back deck so I can soak up the sun while I read my notes after school and get a little bit of both worlds.

Good luck studying to all you current students!