Art with Alfie

Art with Alfie

Check out our painting and some of the others!

So we held another class fundraiser called “Art with Alfie.” A student in my class, Alfie, was an art major for his undergrad, and he has done some classes for fun with his wife that he thought would be fun for us to do with people who would be interested in our class.

He took a picture and blurred it out so much you couldn’t tell what it was at all, other than just a few color streaks here and there. So he split our teams of two up into person A and person B, and one person would get a turn to try to make a small part of our canvas look like the picture we had as a reference. Then the next person would get a turn to work on another area. Then we would go back and forth this way for a while until most of the canvas was covered with some kind of color.

Then he told us to flip our canvas counter-clockwise 90 degrees and start adding other colors and shapes into our pieces. It was really cool to learn how to mix the colors and to add light areas and dark areas to make the photo seem more three dimensional and then blend the colors to take away harsh edges.

We would get up and walk around and look at the other couples’ art work and look at our own from afar to get a different perspective of each part of the painting. You would notice the difference between another couples art and your own, and it was crazy how different they could all be even when we were all getting the same instructions and trying to create the same things.

In the end, he let us add what we wanted to it and play around with the colors and make it into our own painting, which was really cool. Then, after it was all said and done, he showed us the original painting that he had blurred out for the basis of our own painting, and it was nothing like what any of us had painted!

The original artwork was a photo of a Santa holding some puppies or kittens. And our artwork was just a bunch of abstract swirls of color, but it was amazing how we came to it and how different each person’s was. You could really see each couples’ personalities come out into the art!

Looking forward to doing that one again!