40 percent a doctor!

I'm almost half-way there!

I’m almost half-way there!

Well, everyone, I made it this far! I successfully completed my fourth trimester at Palmer, and can say I am 40 percent of the way done. Saying it this way really puts into perspective how fast the time has gone. With National Boards testing right around the corner at the beginning of 5th trimester, I am really looking back and realizing just how much I have learned in such a short amount of time here.

I am looking forward to moving into 5th trimester where we will have cervical technique class and will get to start learning more about technique and putting everything we have learned over the past year here together. All the small details and facts that we have learned are finally coming together to form pathologies and patient complaints and things we can use to actually solve the puzzle.

I have heard 5th trimester is a lot of people’s favorite trimester because of that mental switch that begins–going from cramming in information to applying it and using it.

The only thing to dread is Part I Boards. But that’s unavoidable, and I will be using each day of my break to study for it and review everything we have learned over the past year. So I’m ready!

Congrats to everyone completing another trimester! One more down, one more step to being doctors!