Campus Guides Banquet

Palmer Campus Guide Banquet, winter 2015

Palmer Campus Guide Banquet, winter 2015

It is that time of year again where we’re getting to the end of the trimester and the Campus Guides are preparing to say goodbye to some great friends and fellow Guides and welcome in the new ones.

Each trimester students who are interested go through an application process if they are interested in becoming a Campus Guide. If they’re selected, they go through a training program where they learn how to walk the walk and talk the talk. They spend late nights at the school and long hours learning all about Palmer’s history and the ins and outs of the school so they can share their knowledge with those who visit us. And when they have finally completed their training, we all get together to celebrate and share some good stories about the training and the newcomers to our group!

This year we had some awesome speakers with Dr. Alana Callender and Julie Knaak, who work in the Palmer Family Residence (known to most alumni as the Palmer Mansion), and they shared with us some great songs about chiropractic, including songs about Palmer! We had a great time and lots of laughs listening to the old tunes and dancing in our seats!

We also had the pleasure of getting some “words of wisdom” from Dr. Michelle Barber, which was full of random and funny things to help us get through life!

We don’t get together as a group to hang out as much as we should due to our busy schedules, but I thoroughly enjoy spending time and sharing a meal with such great people! I love my fellow Guides, and I’m so happy I got involved in such an awesome organization! It has really helped me to get a better grasp on the history of chiropractic and an understanding of where this profession has come from and why there is so much SPIZZ and so much excitement about where it is going. On top of that, it has helped me to be able to share this with other students and visitors on campus while I polish my philosophy and delivery when speaking to a group.

I even won myself an award this trimester–the “Above and Beyond” award for my efforts towards the group! It really isn’t hard to put time into something you truly enjoy doing, but, nonetheless, I am honored to be recognized!



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