4th trimester begins

Well, I can officially celebrate the fact that I have completed my first year at Palmer! Just like everyone warned, it flew by. All the exams and quizzes long days in class sure make the time go by, and before you know it, a year has flown by!

Something to look forward to this trimester is toggle class, where we will get the opportunity to log our first adjustment!

Another thing happening in 4th trimester is a lot of preparation for Part I boards. Our class will take them in March at the very beginning of 5th trimester, so 4th trimester will have the Palmer board review class and a lot of reviewing in preparation for those!

The schedule is long this trimester, with a class that lasts two hours (Pathology 2) and the board review class that takes our long days even longer in class until about 5 p.m. two nights a week. I am going to have to find some really good snacks to pack to keep me awake the whole time and give me some energy after a super long day at school.

This is going to be hard on my pooch being home from 8 to 5 at least all the time during the week, so I think I’ll be looking into some doggy day care once or twice a week to make sure he can get some play time. Getting home that late in the winter means it’s going to be dark already. It’s a little sad getting up when it’s dark and then sitting in class all day, and finally leaving only for it to just be dark again. But at least it might make me want to stay inside and study more! 🙂

One year done and looking forward to year two, the transition year from class to clinic, full of technique and getting into the fun stuff!

Cheers eh!


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