Rugby 7’s

(7/26) Saturday is a rugby day, and we were back at it already! This Saturday we had our first little practice rugby tournament for 7’s. It is so nice to have some new girls on the team, and they all have something great to add to our little family! We all had a lot of fun learning how to play 7’s, which is a style of rugby where you only have 7 players on the field instead of the typical 14.

7’s rugby is a lot faster, and the ball moves a lot more. The general rules of the game are the same, you still have to pass backward and stay onside and there are still tackles, lineouts and small scrums but there are less people involved so overall there tends to be more running and the tackles are more open field. There is just a lot more room to run and make plays, which I find really fun and refreshing from regular rugby!

Bix (photo by Quad City Times)

Bix (photo by Quad City Times)

It was a super nice day in Davenport, the downtown was bustling with all the activities with the BIX here on the weekend, so it was a great atmosphere to play and go out on the town after to check out the live music and festivities … or so I was told because I didn’t go due to the fact that I needed to study. I know, I know BIX is a once a year kind of thing, and I am a huge nerd for staying in, but I have a bunch of weddings coming up the next few weekends, so I am going to lose out on study time there and wanted to stay on top of things so I don’t fall behind and get stressed out later. It’s all about time management right!

Hopefully I will catch the excitement next summer!

Did you take part in the BIX this weekend? Comment your stories. I would love to hear!

Cheers, eh!


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