Talent Show!

Josh and Collin

Josh and Collin

Monday we held a talent show. There were seven acts competing to be sent to Life Wests’ “Chiropractic Has Talent” competition in August. This will be the second year the “Chiropractic Has Talent” competition will run. Last year there were 10 chiropractic schools from all over the country that competed in it. There can only be one representative from each school, so to decide who should represent Palmer’s Davenport Campus we held our own competition.

We had all kinds of different talents from ukulele to guitar, to drums and comedy, poem writing and even a duet. Everyone who competed did a very good job. It was really cool to see another side of your classmates. We had four faculty judges who helped us decide who they thought should go to the big competition, and the votes were unanimous for our winners.

Talent Show group

Talent Show group

The winners of the competition were two singers/guitar players, Josh and Collin, who are super talented! They have previously won the talent competition at Homecoming, and I am sure will be representing Palmer really well in California this August.

I wish I had more musical talents. My mom tried to get me more into music and art when I was a kid, but I was too interested in playing sports to sit down and practice those things.

I wish our winners good luck as they go on to the big competition! They could be winning up to $15,000 if they get first place!

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