Club hour

Join the club!

Join the club!

On Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:20 a.m. at Palmer, we have a club hour. This is a time designated for students to attend a club of their choice.  There are probably around 40 clubs that students can attend depending on their interest. Clubs are not mandatory to attend, they are simply an opportunity to learn more about certain techniques and improve your skills as a chiropractor!

On Tuesdays, I have Student Council meetings where we meet with all the representatives from each class and the executive council at the school to discuss events, bring up issues or ideas for improvement at Palmer. And sometimes we have guest speakers that let us know about what is going on in their club and if they need funding, or certain departments come in to share things with us they would like to pass on to the student body.

On Friday’s, I attend Motion Palpation Club. In this club, we get the opportunity to do some hands-on work, feeling for certain landmarks (regarding the spine) and practicing feeling those landmarks throughout a motion. This club has really helped me get some confidence in actually feeling for something and knowing what I am feeling. At first you have no idea what you are doing and you don’t really feel anything, and then as you learn how to touch the landmark properly and put it through the correct type of motion, you start to feel it and how it approximates or moves in regards to the things around it.

What clubs do you attend? And if you haven’t tried out any yet, give them a try! I personally think the more you expose yourself to, the more you will learn and figure out what you like or don’t like and see what works for you! Why not give them all a try while they are free and fun!



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