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Dr. Ed Osburn's chiropractic podcast is great!

Dr. Ed Osburn’s chiropractic podcast is great!

Most mornings while I’m getting ready, I’ll turn on a podcast, normally from “The Chiropractic Philanthropist.” I really like the way Dr. Ed Osburn approaches the podcast/interview and the people he has on (which consist of chiropractors and other successful people).

This week I listened to a podcast where he interviewed Dr. Lance von Stade, who spoke about the Adjusting Ninjas and his experience of what lead him to become a chiropractor. Dr. Lance is nine months out of chiropractic school and doing amazing things in the field.

Dr. Ed asked Dr. Lance for his advice for students on chiropractic school, and his response really resonated with me. He said that what he hears students say is, “How do I make chiropractic school easier?” Dr. Lance went on to say that he immediately thinks of a quote from Bruce Lee: “I don’t pray for an easy life. I pray for the strength to endure a difficult life.”

I really like this quote because, by all means, chiropractic school isn’t easy. But as a family, we all get through this together. Dr. Lance also brought up that if you think chiropractic school is easy, then you might find yourself struggling after graduation.

Another thing that really stuck out during the interview to me was that chiropractic school is like a petri dish and that you will never leave the person you came in as. I love this because I can already, in one year, see the transformation in my views.

I’ve heard Dr. Ed say this before — and he said it again during this podcast — but “embrace the suck.” Sometimes we get caught up in thinking that we are the only ones that fail, but everyone has some sort of failures in life. They just need to learn from it and move forward. I think in chiropractic school that’s a good message, because most likely everything won’t go as planned. Whether it be because of time management, family situations or plain old procrastination, learn from it and just do better next time!

My favorite question that Dr. Ed always asks at the end of the interview is, “What would you tell your younger self, right out of school?” Dr. Lance’s response was to listen. He elaborated more by explaining that aside from listening to your patients, you should listen to your own body and to be aware of it. I think that’s a great message, because too often, we are fully engaged in a conversation with the listening aspect, and people (including myself) are more focused on how they will respond to the statement of the other person. Whereas, sometimes we just need to listen and not respond. My mom is probably the best person who calls me out on this.

If you are looking for a motivational podcast, I highly recommend checking out “The Chiropractic Philanthropist”!