Spizz Night!

November started a new trimester, and, boy, did it get busy quickly! The second Friday of the month was Spizz Night. Normally, it’s the first weekend with the prospective student event but for some reason it was changed this trimester.

Spizz Night is one of my favorite nights of the trimester because I love hearing the practicing D.C.s speak about their experiences. This trimester Dr. Frank Lombardozzi, Dr. Mark Mouw and Dr. Nate Hinkeldey all spoke.

I started the night out helping at the booth for the sorority. A lot of first-year students stop by to see the different clubs on campus and for the free food (normally tacos). Things can be very hectic the first trimester because of all the events/clubs going on so this gives the sorority another chance to talk about the different professional events that happen.

Dr. Frank Lombardozzi and Dr. Mark Mouw spoke together, and it was very interesting to hear their story.  Especially Dr. Lombardozzi’s story about when he started his business thinking that patients would just show up. Instead he realized he needed to get his name out there and meet people. This has been something I’ve been hearing a lot lately, that in the beginning you will need to take the time and go speak and different groups or market yourself. I haven’t decided exactly what my plan is for after school, but it’s good to hear others’ achievements and failures so that I know what to repeat and not repeat!

Dr. Nate Hinkeldey started his presentation with BJ Palmer’s definition of Spizzerinctum (Spizz)! Which, before attending the prospective student event, I had never heard of this word. B.J. Palmer referred to it as “if a chiropractor is loaded with Spizzerinctum, his adjustments could make a bald man grow hair like a collie dog! You have no chiropractic practice without Spizzerinctum, everything else is just mechanics. Great chiropractors are loaded with Spizz, their magnetic and abundant energy flows through every cell of their being.” Or in simpler terms, enthusiasm for chiropractic!

Dr. Hinkeldey shared his experience working with M.D.s while working with his patients. His enthusiasm around chiropractic to fight for his patients’ well being showed tremendously during his speech, with working at the VA and within his own practice.

Spizz Night is always an exciting night and is always worth attending! There are also lots of giveaways throughout the night, for instance this Spizz Night there was student membership to the ICA, Green Books and gift cards to the Bookstore!



Why Chiropractic? Why Palmer?

Palmer College - my home away from home.

Palmer College – my home away from home.

When I started at Palmer in March, a lot of people questioned me as to why I choose a career path in chiropractic and then why Palmer. The question seems like it should be such an easy one, but it was on average the second question asked by my classmates after, “Where are you from?” My answer at the time was very vague: “My entire family has been seeing a chiropractor for years, and we have seen tremendous relief!” I felt like my story didn’t have a strong “why.”

Although this is something I’ve been thinking about for years, I ended up graduating with a communication degree (after not being 100% on what to do) from UW-Milwaukee and then accepting a job in Corporate America. In the eyes of so many people I had a very successful job/career going for me and was able to move up in the company pretty fast. But I dreaded getting up in the morning, knowing that I had no passion for my job, and the only reason I was showing up was for the paycheck. I stopped exercising and stopped seeing a chiropractor until one night when I bent over to pick up my laptop to start working (on a Sunday evening). At that moment I knew something went wrong, and I could barely stand back up. Over the next 12 hours, the pain increased tremendously.

Over the next six months, I was regularly seeing a chiropractor to bring my health back. It was always something I looked forward to and was a place of relaxation for me. Every week he would ask when I was going to join my brother at chiropractic school. I brushed it off for multiple weeks, thinking I couldn’t just quit my job and go back to school. But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking that I wanted a job where I could help people and do the same for others that he had done for me.

Then one day I was looking at Palmer’s website and saw a listing for a prospective student event, so I signed up thinking, “What do I have to lose? Nothing!” It was then that I really felt like this was something I NEEDED to do, and if I didn’t, I would regret it the rest of my life.

During the prospective student event, there was a student from Colorado who told her story about how she was working as a graphic designer and quit her job and came to Palmer. Then Dr. Barber told her story of quitting her job and coming to Palmer after falling on some ice one winter and seeing a chiropractor. It was the first time that I truly felt that I could also do this, too!

Why Palmer? That question is so hard to explain in words, because it’s just something I felt was right. On the Friday night before the campus tour, Spizz Night was held. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the people who spoke were so passionate about the field, and their energy made me want to be around them. I felt at home, and after the prospective student event, I didn’t even think about looking at other schools.

So what I would encourage any prospective students to do is to attend Spizz Night (if possible), the prospective student event, and believe that you can do it, too. (As corny as that sounds!)