Redband and practicals

Redband coffee ... yummm.

Redband coffee … yummm.

Week four of the trimester flew by, and I can only imagine how quickly the rest of the trimester will go. Today (Thursday) we had our first palpation practical on the pelvis. Over the weekend and last night, a few of my classmates and I got together to practice finding specific landmarks (PSIS, ASIS, etc.) along with the testing (fluid motion, seated flexion, etc.). I am starting to find these landmarks much easier with practice and am becoming more confident with then!

I remember the first day struggling to find the inferior and inferior PSIS. I am sure that as I go further along in the program, palpating different features will continue to get easier. Then I’ll look back and wondering why I stressed out over these practicals.

During the practical, there’s no talking, except when you’re performing the test and showing the landmark to the professor. Palpation is probably one of my favorite classes because it’s all hands-on compared to sitting all day. The hour always flies by! Just like I know my time at Palmer will fly by, but I’m excited to have more hands-on classes.

The test only took each person about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. And then we had the rest of the time for ourselves. I walked to Redband with two friends. If you’re not familiar with Redband Coffee, they have two locations, and one is a quick walk from campus. And they have some amazing iced coffee! If you are a coffee drinker, I highly recommend checking them out. I also love their breakfast sandwiches!