Learning to palpate

Students learning to palpate in class.

Students learning to palpate in class.

We had a great night at the sorority house with Technique Night! There are six pledges this trimester and it’s great getting to know all of them. Only three are first-trimester students. I’ve met a lot of great friends through the house, even only being in Davenport for a few months.

That night we worked on palpating different cervical and pelvic landmarks. We haven’t worked on palpating cervicals in palpation class yet, so it’s nice to get some extra hands-on to find these landmarks. Different clubs and organizations will work on palpation to help students get their hands more familiar and sensitive to finding these landmarks.

One of the pledges is in 8th trimester and was willing to let me palpate her cervicals since she does this all day long. It was great getting paired up with someone who knows what she’s looking for and how to test the motion to make sure I was in the correct location. We also worked on listings, which was very new to me. I always hear about them but wasn’t exactly sure how they worked with what I was feeling!

We ended the palpation with pelvic landmarks, which was really helpful since I have my palpation exam tomorrow. I was able to find the PSIS, sacral ala, ischial spine, ischial tuberosity, and more! Any extra hands-on work is always helpful because I find you never know who you could be palpating during your exam, so just becoming more confident is important!