Palmer Prom


My brother (Michael) and his girlfriend (Sara, on the left) and myself at the dance.

In December we had the Palmer holiday party, but it’s better known as Palmer Prom. A few of the girls in the sorority (and their dates) met up at the house first before heading to the party. It was nice to go out as a group!

Since this was my first year attending, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When we got there, I was surprised by how many people were already there. I met up with Callie, Madison, Ruth, Katie and Taylor, who are some of the girls in my class. There were a lot of appetizers, and they were all amazing.

The event was downtown and there was a band playing cover songs. The band was great, and they played some of my favorite cover songs. I was surprised how full the dance floor was all night and by the amount of people who came. It was so nice to get dressed up, go out and relax.

Like normal, when you are having so much fun, the night flew by! Needless to say, the next day my feet were super sore from all the dancing.

I can’t wait for next years Palmer Prom!





Picture: My brother (Michael) and his girlfriend (Sara) and myself at the dance

Welcome to Jen, one of our new bloggers!

By week three of classes, the quizzes already started! I’ve been told this past summer break was longer than normal, which was four weeks. This was my first summer break starting at Palmer, and normally they summer breaks are three weeks long. The first two weeks back at school were a little hard getting back into the swing of things after spending the past month in Wisconsin with my family. But it feels good to be back and on a regular schedule.

Last trimester I joined the only sorority on campus, Sigma Phi Chi. With Homecoming just around the corner, we had to gear up the house for all of the visitors and graduated sisters to come back. I’m excited to be a part of Homecoming and see what it all has to offer! Stay tuned to see my posts within the next few days regarding Homecoming events I attend!

During the last weekend in Davenport there were the Bix and RAGBRAI events. There were bands downtown Friday and Saturday night, which was a nice break from studying and good to get out with some fellow classmates. Friday night we saw the band Electric Shock, which played AC/DC songs. I’m a big fan of AC/DC, so I thought the show was great!

I’m excited to share my journey with all of you!