My Homecoming experience

Dr. Michelle Barber during the toggle off at Homecoming.

Dr. Michelle Barber during the toggle off at Homecoming.

By Friday, Homecoming weekend was already very busy for me. I was attending events on campus and at the sorority house. Wednesday night, I attended the talent show and the toggle off!

I haven’t had the toggle class yet, so it was great seeing the first through third tri students (who also haven’t had the class) attempt to not break the egg on the toggle board! The eggs were in a plastic bag so that they didn’t make a mess. At the end of the contest, some of the alumni/professors competed. Watching them break the egg was hilarious. Upper tri students and alumni/professors couldn’t have the egg roll off the speeder board, either. So even if they didn’t break the egg and it rolled off, they were out!

On Thursday, I attended Dr. Nightengale’s session “How does My Diet Influence My Cancer Risk?” I thought it was interesting to hear her talk about what should be on your plate. Some of the foods included: salmon (with garlic and turmeric), berries, grapes, green tea, wine, walnuts and roasted broccoli with olive oil. I’m currently in Biochemistry II and we are learning about the different pathways (Krebs, glycolysis, fat burning, etc). I’m excited to get further along in the program so I can take the nutrition classes. Growing up, for dinner we would always talk about what we would eat as sides with our meat. Now looking at the plate, really the meat should only be about a quarter of the plate.

Dr. Nightengale also recommended a few apps that she uses or that she has heard of. A few of them are: Is My Food Safe? (free), Food Keeper (free), Cronometer, Foodle and Figwee. I haven’t had a chance to download any of these apps yet, but I know we’ll talk about them again in her nutrition class.

I also had a chance to walk through the vendor section (expo) in the gym on Friday. I picked up some BioFreeze and Theraband kinesiology tape from two of the vendors. I also won a roll of Rock Tape (kinesiology tape) and a ticket to enter to win a speeder board. I took a kinesiology taping seminar last trimester and have found it really helpful with taping some of my friends with edema in their extremities!