Intergreek Philosophy Night

Not just a quick fix, we approach health as an entire lifestyle.Earlier this month at the sorority house, we had our regular Intergreek Philosophy Night, which happens every trimester. This trimester we had such a great turnout! The house was packed, with every seat was full! There were also many amazing speakers from all of the Greek houses. The speakers consisted of individuals from 2nd trimester to 10th trimester. I love hearing people’s views on chiropractic philosophy, whether it aligns with mine or not.

One of the speakers talked about explaining chiropractic to those who may not have ever had chiropractic care or to people who think chiropractic is just about “cracking backs.”

He described a specific situation that happened to him and a friend at a bar where someone asked them what they did. They told the man that they were students at Palmer and the man asked them what chiropractic was. The friend went on to explain chiropractic in more details with the nervous system. Obviously, the man looked confused, so the speaker said that he started explaining chiropractic with the following three ideas: structure, function and quality of life. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how to explain chiropractic to people (mainly through the safety-pin explanation, which is awesome) but have never heard people talk about including quality of life.

Over the winter break, my family and I talked my grandma into seeing a chiropractor after she wasn’t seeing results from her medical doctor. I took her to her first appointment, and my grandma was very set on asking everyone if they could fix her. Now looking back on how the chiropractor interacted with my grandma, she was focusing more on improving her quality of life from where she was in a more round-about way. I’ve been able to job shadow a few chiropractors in the past, but sitting there with my grandma was a very different view on things.

I look forward to next trimesters Intergreek Philosophy Night to hear more amazing speakers talk about their chiropractic philosophy.


Sigma Phi Chi sorority during Homecoming

The Sigma Phi Chi sisters during our lunch on Thursday. As per tradition, we wear derby hats!

The Sigma Phi Chi sisters during our lunch on Thursday. As per tradition, we wear our derby hats!

The sorority house (Sigma Phi Chi) was very busy during Homecoming. Friday we held out lunch, Friday night we had alumni speakers, and Saturday morning we held a breakfast where we gave away special awards.

I arrived at the house Friday morning around 10 a.m. Lunch was being served at noon. There was plenty of fruit to be cut up yet, and the tables needed setting. We were expecting about 50 people with current sisters, alumni and spouses. The lunch was delicious, and we had so many wonderful desserts!

Friday night we had alumni speakers. It was great to hear where they’re currently practicing and what they would have done differently if they were in school now. One of the alumni is from Pennsylvania but is now practicing in Michigan. One of the sisters asked if she misses her family. She said she does but that she is also able to really connect with her older patients because she treats them as how she would want her grandmother treated.

Another alumna spoke about her experience in helping patients with upper cervical techniques. She said that she helps people who are in a lot of pain and sees a lot of what she calls miracles.

Lastly, Dr. Bobby Doscher spoke. I met her for the first time over Homecoming weekend. She is the president of the Alpha Grand chapter. Also, she is the president and CEO of Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center in Oklahoma. Her story really touched me, because she works with children with Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, autism, ADD, ADHD, muscular dystrophy and more. I also bought her book, “Restoring Children’s Health in a Natural Way: And now what do I do?”

Dr. Bobby talked about how when working with a child patient, you are also working with the parents. Working with children is something I foresee myself doing in the future, and I hope to visit Oklahaven in the short future over a break!

Saturday morning we held our annual breakfast in the Union on campus. It was free to any current and prospective students and by donation for any alumni. During the breakfast, we raffled off an adjusting table and held a 50/50 raffle. I was really hoping to win the table, but it turned out that another student won it. The breakfast was delicious, and we were able to acknowledge the sisters who have done a lot at the house over the past year and those who have assisted at the house.