Spizz Night with Dr. Brad Burt

You may have read a blog in the past about Spizz Night. But if you haven’t, here’s a little info on it.

“Spizz” comes from the word Spizzerinctum, which means to get excited about chiropractic. So each trimester, within the first two weeks, there’s one night set aside for field doctors to come and speak to the students. They get a change to share their experiences and their story of why they chose chiropractic. I’ve attended every trimester since I’ve started. and I think they are amazing! On top of it, the PSAF group (who organizes this event) also has different things to raffle off–for instance Green Books (which are chiropractic books), exercise balls, Redband gift cards and much more.

This trimester Dr. Bradley S. Burt spoke. Dr. Burt spoke about his experience growing up with a father who is a chiropractor and how vital he found it to be even as a child. He even told us a story about a bonsai pant that his mother had in the house, and it bothered him that it was not perfectly straight so one day he decided to adjust the plant … and eventually broke it!

Dr. Burt also told us that he had a tree house where the password to get in was “vertebral subluxation.” I thought that was hilarious! I didn’t grow up with chiropractic and didn’t receive my first adjustment until I was in high school, so needless to say as a child I was never thinking about subluxation!

Dr. Burt also brought up the following quote by B.J. Palmer: “Procrastination is the thief of health.” I thought this was such a powerful quote in general, because when we put off working out for the day and say we will do it tomorrow, we are literally putting off our health. There are so many B.J. quotes, and if you have toured the school, then you would have seen the epigrams all over on the walls.

Another thing that I really enjoyed about Dr. Burt’s talk was that he said, “Always say yes to things!” He talked about a position he took on where he didn’t feel he had the experience. But he said yes to the position and pretty much needed to learn as he jumped. He shared that this experience lead him to other great opportunities!

– Jen

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