Finals time

It’s almost finals time again on the Davenport campus, so while we get ready for these, I’ll tell you about the last trimester’s finals. The fall trimester felt like it went on for a very long time, even with all the breaks. When finals week came up, I couldn’t believe how fast that happened! Finals weeks can be a little nerve-racking with all the tests. But in all actuality, it isn’t too bad. Since you’re in classes, you have more time during the day to study.

coffee sinI spent the majority of study day (the day before the finals begin–no classes!) at a coffee shop in Moline with a friend so that I would stay focused on Spinal Anatomy. Depending on what I’m studying, sometimes it’s best for be to study in a public location so that I stay on track. Some people go to coffee shops all the time and study all day. Sitting in one spot for a long period of time is too difficult for me, and it gets expensive!

Monday was my most difficult day of finals, but once that was over, I felt so much more relaxed — even though I still had three more finals to go!

Some of the best advice I received my first trimester before finals was to calculate where you are sitting in each class before finals start. Then start prioritizing your time based on where you need the most points. Seems pretty obvious, but some people don’t do it and I think it raises their anxiety a little more. Most professors will also calculate it for you want to make sure your calculations are correct.

And then finals were over on Wednesday,j and I had another trimester in the books! Which felt amazing!


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