So many clubs and techniques to learn about!

The past few weeks have been busy, and things have been picking up with exams and more quizzes. This week we started material for our final exams in General Pathology and Physiology II! I can’t believe how fast this trimester is going, but I’m also excited for the break in October so I can see my family (mainly my niece and nephew).

On Thursday I went to Dr. Hogg’s office, where he presented “Introduction to AK” (Applied Kinesiology). I’m always interested in learning more about different techniques that I am not as familiar with. Dr. Hogg went through the basics of AK and then spent some time demonstrating AK techniques. One thing I really enjoyed about it was seeing the results immediately with the muscle tests. I also liked how Dr. Hogg showed how he could use low-force techniques. AK is definitely something I will be looking more into!

On Friday, the Pediatric and Activator Club combined to talk about how activator can be used with children. We also talked about how leg checks can be done on infants and children. This was my first time attending the Activator Club and will definitely need to start attending that club more often. There are so many clubs to choose from to attend! Some other clubs that I’ve attended and enjoyed are the Functional Neurology and Extremities Club!


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