PASS sessions, yoga and pets

My dog, Guinness.

My dog, Guinness.

Saturday morning was a busy morning! With a general pathology exam on Wednesday, our PASS (Palmer Academic Success Service) tutor held an extra session this morning reviewing chapter two. The PASS sessions have been extremely helpful for me, mainly to hear the information for a second time and to hear it explained a different way. A lot of the tutors also have different ways to remember topics and tips for what the professors focus on! This makes studying for exams a little less stressful. Most of the PASS sessions take place during the week after classes or in between classes.

Right after PASS my friend picked me up from school and we headed to yoga in the park at Vander Veer Botanical Park. This trimester I’ve started taking yoga classes again at One Tree Hot Yoga as a stress reliever from school. There are a few different studios in the area, and there’s a free yoga class on campus Saturday morning, which I haven’t had a chance to attend yet. The yoga class in the park is free every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. through the summer. There are all different levels of people who attend, and the instructors are great at showing different ways to modify positions for all levels!

After yoga, I spent the remainder of the afternoon reviewing for my general pathology exam and spending time outside with my dog, Guinness. My brother, who is in 6th trimester, also has a dog. Since I have a fenced-in backyard, he’ll bring his dog over to play. I love having my dog at school, and it’s a great reason for me to take some breaks and spend time outside with him. There are also a few dog parks in the area. Since I have the fenced-in backyard, I tend to play fetch with him at my place. But I do know of some friends who take theirs dogs to those parks to run around.

For those of you wondering, there are a number of people who have pets at school. From what I’ve heard from others, people are more likely to get a pet after the first year is over so they have more time for them.




Picture of my dog, Guinness.

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