The shadow knows – the value of shadowing doctors

I took off school for the whole week of Thanksgiving to go shadow offices. I have shadowed quite a few offices already, but I still don’t know what I want to do when I graduate. And graduation is only seven months away. Well, I’m getting more ideas of what I think I want to do.

Over Thanksgiving week, I was at one office Monday and one office Tuesday. I have learned so many new things while shadowing. You get the opportunity to see new techniques, different ways to evaluate patients, different paperwork, and different ways to run an office. The doctors are all very helpful about different hardships they have had while running their office. Seeing how different people practice has given me the opportunity to see who I may want to shadow next trimester.

– Christa Scheffler

Happy Thanksgiving! (a belated post)

It’s catch-up time in blog land!

Thanksgiving break was a nice relaxing time at home with friends and family, although the break goes by too fast. Even though I love learning more about chiropractic and techniques, getting a four-day weekend is amazing sometimes. Everybody just needs a few days off to relax and catch up.

Last year I stayed in the Quad Cities. It was very different for me, because there were three of us celebrating Thanksgiving together. It was fun because we all got along, but I’m used to 40 or so people all hanging out and catching up. But the three of us made great food and enjoyed the day.

I was happy to go home this year and see family, because I hadn’t been home since June. It’s always nice to get away and not have to think about the next thing you have to do at school. Seeing all of my family, especially my godsons, was a lot of fun. I was able to watch my godsons, who are growing far too fast. Spending time with family is great when you are not able to see them very often.

-Christa Scheffler