5th Quarter at West Campus

These past few weeks have been quite busy as a 5th quarter. We made it through our CCEPs and passed with flying colors! It was slightly stressful to be put in a strict clinical/testing setting, but in the end we found it kind of fun to demonstrate what we have learned in the past year. All of our professors from our first year of classes were the test facilitators, and it was kind of cool to show them that we’ve retained what they’ve taught us! It also gives us confidence moving forward. Seeing the now 9th quarters in student clinic is a huge reality check–we will be in that position in a year! And it’s motivating to really learn as much as possible in our classes, especially as we begin to learn more pathology and clinical related information.

With endless classes and tests it sometimes seems like it’s not possible to learn everything. But having so many classmates in the same boat makes the learning process much more fun and do-able.

A group of people from my class that are taking the Applied Kinesiology 100-hour course find ourselves particularly strapped for time with a sixth day of class each week. But after a year into Palmer West, you really start to have an idea of who you work well with, and studying together makes the process go much more smoothly. We’re all in this together to become the best chiropractors we can be!

– Tomilyn Thornberry, 5th Quarter, West Campus

Passed Boards and heading to the clinic!

November brings the beginning of a new trimester.  I am now in 8th tri and am thinking I will really enjoy this trimester.  With 8th tri, the class load is decreased so that we can spend more time in the clinics treating patients.  It is going to be really nice to be able to spend more time in the clinic versus the classroom!!

In December we will be allowed to apply for clearance to the AHC (Academic Health Center), meaning that seeing outpatients from the community is not too far away.  I can’t wait!! Also, all the classes this trimester have a practical application to real life practice, which makes them a lot more interesting and easy to pay attention to.

Also, a big weight was lifted off my shoulders two weeks ago when I got my Part II National Boards scores back and passed all of the sections!  That means two parts down and two more boards parts to go!! It makes all the stress and hard studying worth it!

Well, I don’t have too much to say since we have only been back in classes a week, but I am very excited to see what this trimester has to offer!

– Stephanie Tronnes, Davenport Campus