I am SO stressed! But that’s okay

Hello! My name is Courtenay, and I am almost halfway through my sixth quarter here at Palmer’s West Campus. Man, am I stressed! Midterms are hitting full force, and so is the realization that Part I boards are right around the corner (end of the quarter with finals). Trying to balance school, friends and health can be challenging, especially in times like these. However, the great thing about my class is that we are all in this together, and everyone is so supportive! It makes the endless hours of studying seem not THAT bad.

The deeper I get into the curriculum, the more I get to learn adjustments and the better I get at them–so that is honestly what is getting me through right now. Regardless of how much studying I have to do, exams I have coming up, or the fact I need a nap SO bad doesn’t deter me from practicing my adjusting skills every chance I get. Seven more quarters to go, but who’s counting right?

Getting back into the swing of things

A new trimester began this past Tuesday at Palmer, and with a new trimester, of course, comes new classes and professors to get excited about. This time, however, my class began the trimester a little differently. Since Halloween was the very next day, some of my classmates organized a get-together at their apartment complex, where all of the students in our class were invited to dress up in their favorite costumes and have an opportunity to catch up with each other after the previous break and get excited about our new classes. The hosts even made spooky Halloween treats for everyone to enjoy, as well as organized a “most original costume” contest. It was a great way to get back in to life at Palmer with some really great friends!