I am SO stressed! But that’s okay

Hello! My name is Courtenay, and I am almost halfway through my sixth quarter here at Palmer’s West Campus. Man, am I stressed! Midterms are hitting full force, and so is the realization that Part I boards are right around the corner (end of the quarter with finals). Trying to balance school, friends and health can be challenging, especially in times like these. However, the great thing about my class is that we are all in this together, and everyone is so supportive! It makes the endless hours of studying seem not THAT bad.

The deeper I get into the curriculum, the more I get to learn adjustments and the better I get at them–so that is honestly what is getting me through right now. Regardless of how much studying I have to do, exams I have coming up, or the fact I need a nap SO bad doesn’t deter me from practicing my adjusting skills every chance I get. Seven more quarters to go, but who’s counting right?

Stress, organization, procrastination, diligence (aka The Life of a Student)

We are getting to that point in the tri again … it is Tuesday with three weeks to go in a 14-week trimester. In seventh trimester, since it is so busy, it is really nice that my Radiology IV class ends early this week. My 12:05 class is now a free period and added onto my 11:10 lunch to make for a longer study break during the day. Or I will use it to catch up on clinic paperwork or eat lunch with a friend! I think visceral disorders class is also done next week! Only two and a half to go, then finals! Though I have learned not to wish my time away and say ‘I can’t wait until this trimester is over,’ because the next one just may not be as peachy as that sweet upper tri-man said last year, and I know I can learn to be happy in the moment. (Right?! Eventually?!)

Last night I felt frazzled as I left the gym, even though I thought it would help calm me down and burn off some steam. I have been thinking way too much about my schedule lately and letting it get to me and not acting upon it. How about instead of staring at the pages and organizing it, or procrastinating and cleaning your house, Kaileigh, you open your book and READ what you need to learn this week? It is funny how I have to keep learning the same lessons … take care of the small things, and life becomes easy and I love and enjoy every second. Palmer is fantastic if you can be diligent enough to study and get the small things you need to get done each and every day. It makes life so much easier, and then you are more prepared for tests when they come your way, you don’t have to catch up so much because you aren’t stressed so it is easy to listen in class. Also, you feel like you deserve a beautiful Friday night off with friends and maybe even a fun Saturday if you have worked hard during the week to do well.

Landslide, Iowa snowstorm, Cali earthquake, let’s shake things up a bit, though, because it isn’t always as easy to ‘stay on top of things’ for me as I make it sound. Especially by week 12 in January, when I feel like staying in bed allllll day when I wake up to an alarm, on a wee bit o’ sleep, and can feel the cold air pouring in my not-so-sealed-up window. Not so easy to make sure you keep school a priority each and every day for two years. I think this has happened to me almost every trimester, but I start to get a little down around week 12 and talk to my friends about what is going on, and we figure out that I am trying to do waaaaaaay too much yet again. So I clear my schedule, cancel a few plans, get to work on what needs to be done, do some reorganizing, and I’m back in the game!

The good news is, by seventh trimester I am starting to recognize this habit of mine, to try and do too much, a little earlier, before I call my mom sobbing and emailing her that I am having a total meltdown, hahaha! She said that two early trimesters in a row (maybe second and third) I emailed her with the same subject line of ‘breakdown’ about three weeks before the end of the tri. Sooooo Palmer isn’t an easy walk in the park. But if it were easy, everyone would do it. We as graduates of chiropractic college will get to reap the rewards of helping people move toward functioning at their optimum potential everyday.

In clinical psych class, Dr. Littrell tells us we will have patients genuinely thanking us every single day. We will get to contribute to improving the quality of their lives! That to me is worth a few weeks of feeling down and being sick of studying a couple times a year. Stay on top of your game, manage your time well, be disciplined, but have fun on weekends, listen in class, laugh with friends when you are delirious from studying, eat food that is nutritious for you, don’t feel guilty when you want something sickeningly sweet or heavenly salty, move your body, go to sleep, have a drink, and love yourself!  Maybe not in that order. Haha. Palmer is amazing place to learn a lot about yourself and go through fantastically fun times with wonderful people and gain really close relationships. We are in this together, my Palmer peeps! As my soon to be sister-in-law would say … love y’all!


Passed Boards and heading to the clinic!

November brings the beginning of a new trimester.  I am now in 8th tri and am thinking I will really enjoy this trimester.  With 8th tri, the class load is decreased so that we can spend more time in the clinics treating patients.  It is going to be really nice to be able to spend more time in the clinic versus the classroom!!

In December we will be allowed to apply for clearance to the AHC (Academic Health Center), meaning that seeing outpatients from the community is not too far away.  I can’t wait!! Also, all the classes this trimester have a practical application to real life practice, which makes them a lot more interesting and easy to pay attention to.

Also, a big weight was lifted off my shoulders two weeks ago when I got my Part II National Boards scores back and passed all of the sections!  That means two parts down and two more boards parts to go!! It makes all the stress and hard studying worth it!

Well, I don’t have too much to say since we have only been back in classes a week, but I am very excited to see what this trimester has to offer!

– Stephanie Tronnes, Davenport Campus