Sports Council: 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk

The only event of the year where Palmer’s Sports Council camps out for three days in a row–in one big tent, as one big sports medicine team–is the 3 Day Susan G. KomenBreast Cancer Walk. This event is one-of-a-kind and only comes once a year for our school to participate. This year Palmer’s Sports Council had over 30 wonderful volunteers that gave countless hours to thousands of participants to help with one cause, “The Cure” for breast cancer. The volunteers graciously provided their sports medicine and chiropractic skills, while facing many finals back at school and some even facing (National) Boards just days away. However, while they made many sacrifices, every single volunteer will tell you the positive impact of the event by far out-weighs the cost.

During the three days the volunteers were able to advance their skills in taping, soft tissue work and even history taking. The intern volunteers were able to treat dozens of patients for their first chiropractic adjustment and provide services that helped the participants finish the full 60 miles. The doctor and patient interactions at this event are unlike any other because it allows students to have interactions with the same patient for three days in a row and really see the impact that their skills have on real patients.

The 3 Day Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk is filled with many people who have been impacted by breast cancer in one way or another and, because of this, there are many emotions that come with the event. The walkers are so thankful for the care we provide, which allows them to cross the finish line. The 3 Day walkers provide such kind words, warm hugs and, best of all, positive attitudes that are contagious. While the sports medicine team worked hard to keep the walkers on the course, the walkers worked hard to finish for the loved ones that they have lost to breast cancer, those who are battling breast cancer, and for those who will fight the battle in the future.  Our time at the event was priceless and allowed us to practice our skills but, best of all, allowed us to give our time to “The Cure.” 

Palmer’s West Campus Sports Council allows us students to really gain hands on, real life experience with patients, which has shown to be an invaluable opportunity for us students. 

Keeping busy, having fun at the West Campus

We have such a strong community here at Palmer’s West Campus, with so many different events to be a part of. Just the past three weeks have been packed with adventure and fun social events.

The first week back from break, we had the first quarter/second quarter party, where we welcomed the new students and socialized. We were out at the pool grilling and meeting all the new students.

The next day we went water rafting in Sacramento with a big group on a school bus. It was perfect, sunny California weather, and we were surrounded by great friends. It is such a blessing to have schoolmates that become such quality friends. The day was a blast relaxing on the river, splashing around. We even had some fun on a rope swing.

On the way back, everyone crashed on the bus after the long, fun, exhausting day.

The next day, a group of us got up early to head to San Francisco for the AIDS walk. Our school got together to support and donate towards the AIDS research nationwide.

Phew! Seems like so much already, and I’ve only just begun.

The next weekend, a large group of us went to Scottsdale, Ariz. and spent the entire weekend at the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council Symposium. There we were able to network with many sports chiropractors and hear well-known speakers present on newest research in the sports field. The seminars throughout school have been amazing and so important. All of them keep me motivated in school and show me even more of what is out there to explore in our field.

Since the seminar, there have been even more events. There is always something fun to do here—always a game to see, a speaker to listen to, and a sporting event to play in.

Of course in the midst of all this fun, there is the classroom component. I always make sure to find time to get lots of studying in, but I maintain a healthy amount of fun to keep me motivated through this busy and challenging degree. I love every moment!

Nichelle Francavilla
8th quarter student, West Campus