Sports Council: 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk

The only event of the year where Palmer’s Sports Council camps out for three days in a row–in one big tent, as one big sports medicine team–is the 3 Day Susan G. KomenBreast Cancer Walk. This event is one-of-a-kind and only comes once a year for our school to participate. This year Palmer’s Sports Council had over 30 wonderful volunteers that gave countless hours to thousands of participants to help with one cause, “The Cure” for breast cancer. The volunteers graciously provided their sports medicine and chiropractic skills, while facing many finals back at school and some even facing (National) Boards just days away. However, while they made many sacrifices, every single volunteer will tell you the positive impact of the event by far out-weighs the cost.

During the three days the volunteers were able to advance their skills in taping, soft tissue work and even history taking. The intern volunteers were able to treat dozens of patients for their first chiropractic adjustment and provide services that helped the participants finish the full 60 miles. The doctor and patient interactions at this event are unlike any other because it allows students to have interactions with the same patient for three days in a row and really see the impact that their skills have on real patients.

The 3 Day Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk is filled with many people who have been impacted by breast cancer in one way or another and, because of this, there are many emotions that come with the event. The walkers are so thankful for the care we provide, which allows them to cross the finish line. The 3 Day walkers provide such kind words, warm hugs and, best of all, positive attitudes that are contagious. While the sports medicine team worked hard to keep the walkers on the course, the walkers worked hard to finish for the loved ones that they have lost to breast cancer, those who are battling breast cancer, and for those who will fight the battle in the future.  Our time at the event was priceless and allowed us to practice our skills but, best of all, allowed us to give our time to “The Cure.” 

Palmer’s West Campus Sports Council allows us students to really gain hands on, real life experience with patients, which has shown to be an invaluable opportunity for us students. 

Sleeping on our chiro tables for a good cause

The whirlwind of the end of the quarter has set in! Thank goodness I’m not taking boards yet! Lately it seems like my life has been dominated by presentations.

First my group presented on osteoporosis in our chiropractic clinical evaluation class. Then I gave my SPEAK presentation last week, “Chiropractic Care for Runners.” This was a 10-minute talk in front of peers talking about chiropractic and answering questions in preparation for eventually going out into the community to talk about chiropractic care and encouraging people to seek care in our clinic here at Palmer. It was challenging to sum up this huge profession in 10 minutes, and I talked so fast! It’s very motivating to participate in this club.

As Campus Guides we are required to be SPEAK certified, but now I look forward to being able to refine my communication skills and give my talk again. I’ve also been doing mini health talks for athletes on the cross-country team I coach and their parents. It’s fun to talk about nutrition and other health topics with them. Too often in chiropractic school, we get used to talking to people with the same level of understanding as us—so it’s great to keep in mind what the knowledge base of our patients will be!

On another note, I’m pumped to participate with Sports Council as part of the sports medical staff for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in San Francisco this weekend! These women will be walking 60 miles in three days raising money for breast cancer research. We will help keep them in one piece and get them across the finish line! Early mornings and sleeping in the med tent on our chiro tables awaits, but it is bound to be a rewarding and educational experience!

Tomilyn Thornberry
4th quarter student, West Campus

It’s getting exciting!

With my 12th quarter winding down, life is getting pretty exciting! I finished my clinic credits a few weeks ago, so now I am just wrapping up loose ends for graduation and shadowing different doctors in the community. I’m getting super excited to start my 13th quarter preceptor field training program! I was fortunate enough to land a spot with Dr. Brant Pedersen in Los Gatos, Calif. He is a graduate of Palmer’s West Campus, and he was actually one of the first Campus Guides here.

In fact, as I write this blog I am en route (I am not driving!) to a Sports Council event where Dr. Pedersen is the supervising clinician: The Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk! This is, in my opinion, hands down the best Sports Council event we do all year!

As the Sports Med team, Palmer brings around 35 student interns and observers to provide around-the-clock complimentary care to the hundreds of participants walking through San Francisco. We treat all day, both on-course throughout the Bay and at the main camp on Treasure Island. One of our treatment pit stops on-course is actually at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge!

When night finally rolls around, we roll out our sleeping bags to snooze on our chiropractic tables. Then we wake up early and do it all again. It’s a weekend of hard work and long days, but it is totally worth it! The women (and a few men) appreciate our help so incredibly much that even our burliest guys are brought to tears by the end of the event.

This is a great educational experience for us as students and an amazing way to give back to the community. If I only came to Palmer for this experience, it would make my choice to come here totally worth it!

Kayleigh Knudson
12th quarter student, West Campus