Switching gears

Each trimester at Palmer is very different from the last, in that your class schedule has changed, you have new professors and are switching gears and learning entirely new material. For these reasons, I always look forward to another new trimester and getting one step closer to being a chiropractor!

I have really enjoyed being on a trimester schedule at Palmer (on the Davenport Campus; Florida and West are on a quarter system), verus the semester schedule everyone is used to in undergraduate studies, because just about the time you are getting sick of a certain class and ready for a change, the tri is over!

The start dates for entry into Palmer are in March, July and November, and as students we get about 10 days break inbetween each tri and during the summer break we get about 3 weeks. These breaks may not seem very long, but I am always ready to get back in the swing of school and keep the momentum going!

I am so happy with my decision to come to chiropractic school!

-Lacey Pletchette

5th Quarter at West Campus

These past few weeks have been quite busy as a 5th quarter. We made it through our CCEPs and passed with flying colors! It was slightly stressful to be put in a strict clinical/testing setting, but in the end we found it kind of fun to demonstrate what we have learned in the past year. All of our professors from our first year of classes were the test facilitators, and it was kind of cool to show them that we’ve retained what they’ve taught us! It also gives us confidence moving forward. Seeing the now 9th quarters in student clinic is a huge reality check–we will be in that position in a year! And it’s motivating to really learn as much as possible in our classes, especially as we begin to learn more pathology and clinical related information.

With endless classes and tests it sometimes seems like it’s not possible to learn everything. But having so many classmates in the same boat makes the learning process much more fun and do-able.

A group of people from my class that are taking the Applied Kinesiology 100-hour course find ourselves particularly strapped for time with a sixth day of class each week. But after a year into Palmer West, you really start to have an idea of who you work well with, and studying together makes the process go much more smoothly. We’re all in this together to become the best chiropractors we can be!

– Tomilyn Thornberry, 5th Quarter, West Campus

Carpe classes! Take full advantage of your classes

With every new trimester comes a new adventure. It’s always wonderful completing another trimester and getting one step closer towards graduation, but what is even more exciting to me is starting a new trimester with new professors. There is such a wide array of professors, and each has their own experience and specialty. You know that if you truly put the effort in to attend classes and listen to information they are sharing, you will take away a lot of information as well as life’s lessons from that instructor.

We recently had a professor hit home on the importance of coming to class and reminded us of the fact that although the subject may or may not be our favorite, that one class you missed may have pertained to the one fact you really wanted to know about. Our professors make it known they are not here to just read to you from a textbook but to teach how to apply this information now and in your future as a chiropractor.