Campus Guide Question of the Month:

What change did you hope to make by joining Campus Guides?

I hoped to change the perspective of some of my peers who only ever see the negative in Palmer. Campus Guides has allowed me to understand our history and appreciate the school more, which allows me to share all the great things about Palmer.

–Brian Hall

I was hoping to help people get real answers about Palmer and chiropractic from student’s point of view. Taking a tour at Palmer is what helped me make up my mind about coming out here instead of going to Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City.

–Ryan Etherton

Each individual personality has the ability to change and benefit a group. By joining Campus Guides, I hoped to add my experiences to the team’s dynamic, help prospective students enjoy their visit, and aid them in making the best decision for them in finding a chiropractic school.

–Jaclyn Andrews

I want to specifically reach out to those prospective students who are deciding if chiropractic is the right choice for their second career. I want to share with them that giving up the job, selling the house, and/or moving their family to Iowa, will be worth it the end when they think of all the lives they will change as a chiropractor.

–Brook Peters

During my Undergraduate Studies at Brigham Young University-Idaho, I was lured (by a tall blonde haired, blue eyed girl- of whom I never dated anyhow) in to a student-lead organization that was in charge of the new student orientation, Student Spirit Events. This luring was at first because of the networking of “future potential” dates, but eventually my drive to help with New Student Orientation came from within myself to help these new students become connected with a “new life” or a “new chapter” in their lives.


I brought this same drive with me in to the Campus Guide Organization. I want people to choose to come to Palmer College of Chiropractic. This needs to be their decision and I want to help them in their search to answer questions that they might have. There are always rough times in life and at Palmer this is no different! Every student has moments of “why am I really here?” or “Is this worth it?” At this point the student needs to reflect back at the time when they felt like they needed to be here and when they made the decision to come here. Referring back to these moments can give us the courage and the self-will power that we need to bear another hour, another day, another week until we find that answer once again- “THIS is why I am here!” “THAT is why I am learning these things!” “THIS is why I am becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic!”


As an organization, Campus Guides thrives on networking. I love that about this organization. If I do not have an answer, give me some time to write a few emails and to hear back. I will then have a good answer to your question or some good direction on what other students have done or accomplished.


Much like at Brigham Young University-Idaho, the vast majority of the student body knows that they are supposed to be here for the continuation of their education and many more need a support group. I want to be one who helps people feel “at home” and to be a support when they need/ want it. That is one great reasons I joined the Campus Guides Organization- to serve my fellowman (woman, too), to “help other people at all times,” and “To Do A Good Turn Daily” (Boy Scouts of America, Scout Oath & Slogan).

–Anton Keller

I wanted to feel the love from leading with service! I believe that energy frequency rises to the person in the room who is giving off the most positive energy. What effect does the collective group of positive guides have? What if a guide has a great feeling after serving and leading a tour and they bring that energy back to their classrooms? What if it lifts all of Palmer’s spirits? You never know how far reaching…

–Kalleigh Strath

I hope to make the student body appreciate more what awesome educational experience Palmer is offering us all. To help keep them focused on the positives and in working together, make better that which makes us feel gloomy sometimes.


My goal in joining campus guides was to surround myself with positive productive individuals. By doing this I have grown in so many ways, the friendships we build within Campus Guides provides us with a group of peers in which we can rely on for support and continuous personal growth. I also hoped to get more involved in our Palmer community, which has happened in tenfold, being more involved has allowed me to appreciate Palmer on another level which I would not have seen otherwise.

–Jennifer Katzer


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.”

-Margaret Mead


Let me offer you some advice …

Wow, how time flies. I just finished 8th trimester, and as I write this, I only have two trimesters left as a Palmer student before I venture out into the real world once again.

So you are reading this and probably think that I just want to brag about where I am and that the road ahead looks so very daunting for you, but honestly that is not the case. It really doesn’t seem that long ago when I was in your very shoes thinking to myself that I will never graduate from Palmer. Well, rest assured, many have done it before you and many will do it after you are sitting right where I am.

I think the best advice that I can give to you is to follow your heart and your passion. Palmer is a great chiropractic college, and I love it with all my heart. But it is not for every single individual desiring to become a chiropractor. I would advise you to trust your gut. I didn’t need to visit every school before I knew where I was to go for my education. I visited Palmer in March of 2010 and knew before I left that it was the perfect fit for me. I would recommend that you start with a visit to Palmer, since we are the Fountainhead of chiropractic and where it all began. We are rich in history and tradition, but we are also preparing for the future of our profession. The college is actively making changes to ensure that they offer the best education for the student body and producing the best chiropractors out there.

If you come to Palmer and don’t feel the immediate click that I did, then look at other colleges. The road to becoming a chiropractor is a long and challenging one, but it is very rewarding. My time here at Palmer has flown by, and I say that with all seriousness.

If you have any specific questions that you would like to ask me, feel free to contact me. And if you find yourself in the Quad Cities anytime soon, drop by the college and lets get you adjusted in the Academic Health Center.

Have a great day and best of luck in your future chiropractic endeavors.

-Matt Sharples, 9th Tri, Davenport Campus



Last we left off I was waiting on paperwork from financial aid and the verdict on my scholarship.

Well, the verdict’s in … I GOT THE SCHOLARSHIP!!! And I can’t be happier. My aid came through, and everything is set for my arrival.

As of today I have 25 days till I leave Florida, I’m a little stressed out, but that’s just because I’m trying to get everything ready. Palmer has done a really great job with making my transition as smooth as possible, and this was big for me cause I couldn’t make the trip up there to visit or anything. So everything has been strictly word-of-mouth from various correspondence throughout the departments at Palmer.

Oooh, my son is coming with me now. So, yeah, single dad in chiropractic school with a 12-year-old. I’m tackling it all this year! 

I would be interested to hear from other single parents out there doing this as well. Any tips on how to juggle everything?

Well, thanks for listening. Stay tuned for my next blog.

Peace off!

– William (soon-to-be student in Davenport)

Why I chose Campus Guides …

I joined Campus Guides during my third trimester because I felt
something was missing from my Palmer experience. While trying to
think about the things that could make my journey through school more
meaningful than solely taking classes, I looked around campus to see
who I envisioned making the most of their time. During that time of
reflection, I saw several Campus Guides giving tours to prospective
students, and I remembered what type of impact those tours had for me.
Then I realized that all of the Campus Guides I knew were the
students that strived to do well in classes, were generally positive
people, and absolutely loved Palmer’s education and history.

I had led prospective student events at previous institutions and
saw this being a natural fit for me to help engage students and
families with questions, meet the faculty outside of class, and build
connections with our awesome alumni base. Learning about the school’s
history in depth has given me a lot more pride in what I am doing here
and what the school has to offer. Like most things in life, because I
enjoy giving my time and knowledge to others, I actually reap the
benefits, too. Campus Guides was the perfect fit for my desire to
make a bigger impact, and I am glad I accepted the challenge.

– Brian R. Hall

Some thoughts on the power of innate

The other day, when I was giving a campus tour to a young woman and her family, the father asked me “Why is it that chiropractors think they can cure everything with an adjustment?” While I was slightly caught off guard by this question, because it is not a typical question you get while giving campus tours, I felt it would be a great example to share with more prospective students as to why our founders felt that chiropractic could “cure” so many things.

Two of the most influential people in chiropractic history are D.D. and B.J. Palmer, and if you read their writings from the early 1900s you will see a great amount of reference to innate intelligence. Before coming to Palmer, I had no clue what this was, but it’s a very simple thing you are already very familiar with.

So let me explain!

If you cut your finger what happens? A scab forms and it heals! Did you have to take a pill to heal the cut? Did you have to tell your body to heal it? No, your body knew to heal it without you having to do anything or even think about it. What about when you eat food? How does your body know how to break down food and convert it into energy to use? Do you have to tell your body to do that? No, you were born knowing how to digest food without telling your stomach how to do it. These are two examples of innate intelligence: your body knowing exactly how to function without you telling it how to, and you were born with that ability!

So what does this have to do with chiropractic? Well, this innate intelligence can be disrupted through various types of thoughts, traumas, and toxins causing your body to function at less than 100% of its potential. Messages are constantly being sent to and from the brain. When these messages are disrupted your body is not able to function at its optimum potential, in chiropractic we call this a subluxation. When your body is functioning less than its potential, it may cause symptoms like pain, indigestion, constipation, cold or rash — or you may not even know it.

Chiropractors evaluate the body, spine, and nervous system to determine if there is anything causing a disruption of the messages being sent between the brain and body. If there is subluxation or interruption in that message, a specific chiropractic adjustment is given to remove that nerve interference. (You will learn physiologically what takes place in the body after an adjustment at Palmer.) So, the messages between the brain and body can be sent without interference and so the body can function at 100%.

When the messages between the brain and body are flowing without interference, you will express health because your body will be able to adapt and heal. So what if the message between the brain and body was interfered when you cut your finger? Would it take the cut longer to heal? Would it be more susceptible to infection? Or would another part of the body work overtime to heal it properly without you ever noticing? Now what if the brain and body message to your stomach was interrupted? Could you experience acid reflux, indigestion, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, or vitamin/mineral deficiencies due to malabsorption?

So can chiropractic cure anything? What is chiropractic really doing? With a chiropractic adjustment, the interference is being removed so the brain and body can communicate and innate can function at 100%. So I think the real question is, what is the potential innate has? If nerve interference is removed does innate have the potential to cure or heal anything? I don’t think anyone really knows!

Stacia Kampschnieder
6th trimester student, Davenport Campus

A “halfway done” reflection

Hello faithful blog readers,

Welcome to another fascinatingly fun filled blog from the king of campus guides. As I sat down to write this latest blog, I thought about what’s been on my mind as of late. Being that I am wrapping up fifth trimester here at Palmer I feel that it’s time for a little celebration and reflection.

So here we go….

Let’s celebrate first. I’m hitting a milestone at the end of this trimester and really can’t believe that I am halfway through my time at Palmer. It truly seems like yesterday that I was in the same place that a lot of you are right now. Checking out various colleges, trying to decide which college would be the best fit for me, nervous about starting the program, starting and thinking I’ll never see the end, finishing my first year and thinking how crazy it is that I was a third of the way done, etc. What’s really cool about fifth trimester at Palmer is it’s the trimester where you start some real application of what you have been learning thus far in the classroom and get your hands on some fellow students. In cervicals class you learn all the set ups for Gonstead & Diversified techniques from occiput down to T2. And at the end of the trimester you have the opportunity to work up a student patient, and if they are subluxated, adjust them while your professor is watching (of course). In fact, I had that opportunity today and it was really cool, nerve-racking, but very cool. It was the culmination of a lot of hard work and diligent effort over the past year and a half. It was definitely a day that I won’t forget.

Let’s reflect a little. Palmer is, in my humble opinion, the greatest chiropractic college there is. We are where it all started. Each and every day I walk the very halls that D.D. Palmer, B.J. Palmer, Mabel Palmer and many other greats of our profession have walked. I read the quotes of B.J. on the walls and in the halls all over campus. It fills me with pride to feel the greatness that fills every nook of this campus. But don’t think for one moment that Palmer is relegated to the past. We are poised to produce the greatest chiropractors in the coming years. If you haven’t come to campus for a visit and a tour yet, I strongly encourage you to. We are the only college with a Business Development Center that will give you all the tools to run a successful and very fulfilling practice once you graduate. We have an amazing clinic that is gorgeous and
staffed with amazing clinicians who are there ready to prepare you for practice. We have amazing clubs and organizations to enhance and complement your Palmer education. Wow, when I started this paragraph it was to reflect on my time here and look at me just bragging about how great Palmer is and the fact that it’s only getting better.

Well I’m going to wrap this up, my friends. As always if you have any questions please drop me an email, or get in touch with me on Twitter (@kingcampusguides). I hope that your new year is off to an amazing start and that it has nothing but greatness for you in the coming months. All the best to you in your future chiropractic pursuits!

Matt Sharples, 5th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus

Cadaver lab

On my very first tour of campus, we had the opportunity to enter an anatomy lab where we had a hands-on experience with brain and spinal cord specimens. I had never been in an anatomy lab before that day, and I was a little nervous about what I was about to see. (My mom waited outside of the lab!) It was the time spent in that lab that really confirmed my decision to come to Palmer. I held in my hands the very highway of the nervous system; the foundation of the chiropractic practice.

In your first year of your Palmer education, you spend 6 credit hours in anatomy labs. What I have learned in that time is absolutely incredible!! Every week I am amazed by what I see, and it is so incredible to think that everything I see on the cadavers is living and functioning inside of me at that very moment! Chiropractic students take more anatomy credit hours than medical students, and it is this solid foundation that the rest of the program builds upon.

So, if you are nervous about your time in the anatomy labs, take a deep breath, rub some essential oils under your nose, and get ready to learn A TON!

Leah Hetebrueg, 2nd Trimester Student
Davenport Campus

What’s holding you back?

Hello everyone, my name is Matt and I wanted to share a little bit about myself. My thought in doing so is so that you might know a little more about what makes me tick and not be too intimidated to ask me any of your questions about Palmer and life as a student here.

First of all, let me tell you that I am love to laugh and have a good time. I really feel that life is a great journey that we are all on and that we need to find joy in this journey. That being said, here is some basic info about me. I am currently in my 4th trimester here at Palmer. In case you are wondering that has nothing to do with pregnancy at all. Some schools are on quarters and others on semesters. At Palmer our terms are divided into trimesters. Each trimester is roughly 15 weeks including finals. The program at Palmer Davenport is a total of 10 trimesters.

I am the oldest of 3 kids and the son of a dentist. I will be a first generation chiropractor once I graduate and plan on setting up my office in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. I have three amazing children and am engaged to be married this fall to my wonderful fiancé. Yeah, that’s right I am a single dad with two teenagers and a Palmer student. The reason I share this with you is perhaps you may have said to yourself things such as, “I’m too old to go back to grad school,” or “How can I possibly do that and be a good spouse or parent,” or “It’s just too late for me to make that kind of change.” I know how you felt. I said those things to myself over and over again but no matter how many times I told myself these things, my passion for chiropractic kept telling me to stop making excuses and get to work. So at the age of 36, I enrolled at Palmer and will be 39 when I graduate. I know, I’ll still be just a kid.

Anyway, I love Palmer and I love chiropractic. I could tell you more about myself but I think I’ll save that for the campus tour when you come to check out Palmer. In the mean time if you have any questions please feel free to send me an email or follow me on twitter @kingcampusguide. Have a great day and I can’t wait to hear from you.

Matt Sharples, 4th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus

My life married to a celebrity

As a kid, I always wondered what it would be like being a celebrity. Growing up, I quickly realized that my dreams would be crushed because my genetics left me with the athletic ability of a walrus and the voice of a hippo. I had a brilliant idea to live in China for a while, where they assume most Americans are celebrities. It didn’t take me long to burst their bubble of meeting a celebrity and my last chance of being a celebrity. One thing I never thought about as a kid is what it feels like to be married to a celebrity. Well, now I know.

Shortly after starting school at Palmer, I started to think that I had caught my lucky break; I was accepted into the Campus Guides organization. I thought this would help me become a celebrity of sorts; if not to the masses, then at least to a few eager prospective students. Alas, this also was to be short lived, not just because people saw through my plan.

The one thing that would foil my plans was that my amazing wife became the new Campus Visit Coordinator. Many of you probably know Angie. She is one of the most helpful and caring individuals. It really didn’t take her long in her position to become loved and respected by all that met her. In fact, I soon became known to a lot of the staff, faculty, and prospective students at Palmer as “Angie’s husband.” If you ever get the chance to visit Palmer and she plans your visit, I think you will quickly agree with everybody else’s opinion of her.

While I never saw this turn of events, or dreamed about being the husband of a celebrity as a kid, I realized it’s not all that bad. I think this is the closest I will ever be to being a celebrity, and I am enjoying my time in the spotlight, even if only part of me is in the light because it is really on the true celebrity.

Joe O’Tool, 6th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus

Why chiropractic? Why Palmer?

I am a 9th trimester student, yes that means only one more trimester until I graduate! I cannot believe how fast time has gone. I can remember being in first and second trimester and feeling as though I would never get to the point where I would be graduating and actually become a doctor, but that time has actually come. I am a campus guide and one of my favorites questions I get asked is how I got into chiropractic.

Well the answer is that I actually started taking my horse to a chiropractor. It all started when she was having trouble in her hind legs again, the vet was giving her corisone shots, but the problem just kept coming back. When my horse would get the shots she would be out for at least a month recovering and one time when she was having trouble right before a big show and I didn’t have enough time to take a month off my trainer recommended I try a chiropractor.

I knew nothing of chiropractic, but was willing to give it a try. The chiropractor watched her walk and move and found the problem was actually in her neck and she was compensating in her rear, so he adjusted her and then watched her move again. It was amazing to see her move before and after the adjustment! Animals don’t lie, so I knew that this was definitely something to look into and well the rest is history.

I chose Palmer because two of the animal chiropractors I shadowed said I had to go where everything started and where I would truly learn to use my hands to heal. I came to Palmer for a campus visit day and knew walking through the halls that this is where I would go.

Holly Scaro, 9th Trimester Student
Davenport Campus