Yeah, it’s break time …

As a Palmer student, I love to learn and I love what I am doing, but I also love my breaks. I think they are so critical to my survival and to the survival of my fellow students. Before I started at Palmer, if I was asked what my favorite holiday was I would have told you Christmas. And while I still love that magic time of year, if you were to ask me today that same question I would now tell you that it is the break we get between spring and fall trimesters. It’s a little over three weeks of complete and utter relaxation. I love it and it is a great time to give my mind a much needed rest. It’s also a great time to visit with friends and family and reenergize my student batteries for the next trimester. I really want to emphasize the need to maximize those breaks so that you can be sure to be the best student you can as you proceed through your Palmer education. So in following my own advice, I am going to wrap this up and go become one with my sofa and watch a good movie. Any suggestions?

-Matt Sharples, 8th trimester, Davenport Campus

Getting back into the swing of things

A new trimester began this past Tuesday at Palmer, and with a new trimester, of course, comes new classes and professors to get excited about. This time, however, my class began the trimester a little differently. Since Halloween was the very next day, some of my classmates organized a get-together at their apartment complex, where all of the students in our class were invited to dress up in their favorite costumes and have an opportunity to catch up with each other after the previous break and get excited about our new classes. The hosts even made spooky Halloween treats for everyone to enjoy, as well as organized a “most original costume” contest. It was a great way to get back in to life at Palmer with some really great friends!